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Experienced Assurance

At Device Masters Dental Laboratory, we recognize that every practice is different, every doctor is unique and every patient has individual needs. 

Laura was one of my first contacts in the world of DSM and oral appliances. She held my hand through every step of my "education" in oral appliances for DSM. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of dental sleep medicine was invaluable and something for which I am daily grateful. At this point in my career Laura is a mentor, a person with whom I can discuss technique, new ideas, new appliances, difficult cases, proper protocol and current research."
Nancy Addy, DDS
Diplomate of ABDSM

DMDL owner, Laura Sheppard CDT TE has over 35 years of dental technology design and manufacturing experience.  After 7 years of restorative prosthetics, she began her concentration in the area of orthodontic and TMJ devices.  Soon afterwards, Laura became one of the earliest manufacturers of dental sleep devices.  She is well-known among sleep, orthodontic and TMJ specialists as integral in the growth, support and development of the medical-dental device profession.  Laura's reputation is unsurpassed as it includes a credible and published history of advanced education, device invention and development, regulatory standards, clinical and technical training, quality assurance management and superior craftsmanship. 

Widely acknowledged that the field of dental sleep medicine is in its infancy, this fast growing medical space presents many opportunities for dentists to enhance their practice and serve the health of their patients. With fast growth comes new inventions and products, abbreviated training, fast consult and less experienced guidance. 

This presents a unique advantage for Device Masters Dental Laboratory to meet the consultative and treatment demands of a dentist client population requiring a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to insure patient heath and satisfaction.  In short, we commit to reaching a full understanding of client and patient needs before we recommend a solution. Then, working together as part of the dental team, we will put our extensive experience and resources to work for the customer.

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