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BruxEase Splint

Our Top Seller! The BruxEase!  Standard design is an upper full coverage splint with even contacts and slight cuspid rise.  Our unique BruxEase acrylic is a premium acrylic that remedies the clinical difficulties of other common splint materials.  Unlike traditional hard or all-soft laminate designs, the BruxEase is a dramatically improved acrylic that presents the best features of current popular materials without the negative tradeoffs. BruxEase is traditional heat-cured hard acrylic that is both relineable and repairable, with the added advantage of possessing slight flexibility for draw and fit.  Easy to insert, retentive and comfortable, our BruxEase splint will absolutely cut your chairtime in half!  Please specify AP design if a fully anatomical-rendered occlusion is desired instead of a standard flat plane.

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